Introducing Datcom

vision and mission

DATCOM Creative and Communication Joint Stock Company was founded on enthusiasm
of individuals who are full of passion and ambition with great ideas and goals
Information technology platform.

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Products & Services

We make a difference in Quality & service products

  • Datcom Creative & Communication Joint Stock Company

    - DATCOM Creative and Communication Joint Stock Company provides many quality products and services:

  • Software services and DIFAS fire alarm center cabinet

    - DATCOM has studied to create many softwware services and Difas fire alarm center cabinet in order to meet the most timely and effective way for people in the current developed society.

  • Nutrition projects and Import-Export

    - With the nutrition project in the future, it will partly help people to control a reasonable, balanced and ensuring health. In addition, with the desire to bring Vietnam further development, the company is also associated with many countries around the world in order to bring the essence heritage Material - Vietnamese to integrate with the international market.


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