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With the current industry trend 4.0 in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology. DATCOM Creative and Communication Joint Stock Company has launched many great ideas and objectives on IT platform to develop many software applications to life to aim at creating the environment and working conditions, modern, professional and effective. In addition, Datcom Creative and Communication Joint Stock Company also provides agricultural specialties to export to international markets through its subsidiary, Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company.


DAMS raw material area management software

DAMS raw material areas management software is a total solution, building a closed process for solutions to manage raw material areas. Help businesses improve time, effort, and costs in the management raw material areas. Software can manage raw material areas: Sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, rubber...


Salon, beauty Spa management software, makeup service, put birthday cake...

With this software will help the management of all aspects of the stores operating in the service industry is easy, professional, save time, debt, avoid loss .....



Is the solution developed on the basis of the most modern technology today. With DOTNET technology development, integration of SOA architecture, Internet Portal can operate independently on different operating system platforms.


Human Resource management software

Human resource management software provides a total solution in the field of personnel management and salary.


Hydro-meteoroloy solution - DATACENTER software

As a solution to build a system professional overall about hydro-meteorology to meet the data collection measure rain, measure water levels, measure wind ....


Chip management software for driver training schools

Chip management software for driving schools helps to manage easily, closely the trainee registration, train ticket management, online customer management ... to avoid loss from employees .